Love is in the little things... and I love capturing the little things!
— Isaac Kilgore

Isaac Kilgore

Hi, my name is Isaac Kilgore and I am Kilgore Productions. I invite you to explore my work and to learn more about the photographer behind the lens. As a born go-getter, I give 100% to every new photography project that I take on. It’s my firm belief that a good challenge pushes you to grow and develop. That's why I make a point of seeking out new clients requesting different types of photography. I'm motivated by new challenges and exceeding expectations!

I've always been interested in photography. For me, it started with my first phone that could take a photo. I loved to capture the world around me and share my perspectives. I could hold on to a moment in time forever! I could make a statement visually! I could unveil what otherwise may have been cast aside! I'm self-taught for the most part capitalizing on artistic vision and refreshingly innovative approaches. In addition, I’ve completed classes at Herron School of Art to intermingle popular photography techniques with my own personal twists.

In 2017, I embarked on making photography more than just my artistic expression. Now I'm connecting with clients and creating opportunities to document their special events, each of which, surely means the world to them.

It's been my dream to turn something that I truly love into my career. I'm asking to be considered for your important photography needs. I'm certain I can take hold of those special moments in life and save them for the world to see- for generations to remember. Let me know how I can help make your important project or special event exceptional!

Highly recommend! Isaac is extremely talented and goes the extra mile to get the money shots. He is very easy to work with and not afraid to express his creative skills! Photos were turned around within 24 hours, extremely impressive work!
— Tanner Parker, 2018
Isaac did an incredible job taking my photos. He is well-trained and professional. The photos were sent back to me in a quick time without hassle. Highly recommend him!
— Kenny Wise, 2019